What is Pilate?

Pilate has become the most popular form of exercise now. Watch video to know about the moves from pilate instructor.

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Stars Are Blind, India Bans

Paris Hilton's debut single “Stars Are Blind” has been censored by Indian broadcasters, who claim the video is too sexual for TV(Guess they have not seen any indian pop videos yet). The promo features Hilton writhing on a beach with a sexy male model, and touching herself as she breathily sings, "If you show me real love baby/ I'll show you mine/ I can make you nice and naughty/ Be the devil and angel too."Reported here.

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Banned MasterCard Commercial

Its old, but still worth a watch. Hilarious. Definitely no chance of seeing it in India.

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Condom Ad

Here's a very funny and imaginative condom ad. Refreshing change from the regular condom ads...

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Smokerlyzer, Only for smokers

A UK based company has manufactured Smokerlyzer - a handheld monitoring instrument that tests the breath for levels of carbon monoxide, a convenient device which will keep a smoker aware of the effect smoking is having on him/her.

Smokerlyzer gives a digital reading of how many parts of carbon monoxide per million are contained in a person's exhaled breath, which then converts to give a blood carbon monoxide reading.

And it would be available at only Rs.3200 in India. We say its still cheaper not to smoke...

Other videos on smoking : Don

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CNN Anchor Flubs

We love it when major television networks screw things up. Now its the turn of CNN and that too during Pres.Bush's remarks on Katrina Anniversary...
Viewers who tuned into Tuesday's edition of Live From... to watch President George W Bush in New Orleans were treated to the president competing for attention with anchor Kyra Phillips giving a lavatory low down on her family, after the CNN presenter left her microphone on while chatting to a colleague in the toilets.

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Guy Goma, The movie

For all those who have seen this video, there's little chance that you might've not liked or have forgotten about it. Anyway for the sake of new comers, Guy Goma is a man who wanted a job. After applying to work as an accountant for the BBC, they called him in for an interview. While he was sitting in the waiting room, some producer jumped out and grabbed him, thinking Goma was Guy Kewney, editor of Newswireless.net. See, Kewney was supposed to appear on TV to talk about a court case involving Apple Computer and The Beatles' record label, Apple. Long story short: They got the wrong Guy. And, what followed was a hilarious on-air interview with a dude who had no idea what was going on, yet managed to answer the questions in a somewhat intelligent way.

Now Cinematical, reports that it might be made in to a movie. If the movie is as funny as the interview, am definitely watching that one...